Promote Youth Prevention


ISTEP (Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention) is Iowa's youth-led tobacco prevention movement. Follow the ISTEP tobacco prevention messages on Facebook and Instagram (@IowaSTEP).

To learn more about the ISTEP program, visit www.IowaSTEP.org

ISTEP Executive Council

The ISTEP Executive Council is youth-led and adult supervised by Iowa Department of Public Health staff. The ISTEP Executive Council consists of students from Iowa who are in the 7-12th grade. These students serve as local and state leaders for the ISTEP program. Anyone who is in the 7th-12th grade can sign up to be a member of the Executive Council. For a list of current Executive Council members, visit: https://www.iowastep.org/executive-council

All meetings of the ISTEP Executive Council are open to the public. If you are interested in attending a meeting or seeing agendas/minutes from previous meetings, please call 515.281.6225

Tobacco Compliance Checks

Enforcement of Iowa’s tobacco laws is accomplished through a cooperative agreement between Iowa Alcohol Beverages Division (ABD) and state, county, or local law enforcement agencies. Iowa ABD contracts with agencies for compliance checks at all tobacco retail outlets located within their jurisdiction.

For more information, please call (515) 281-6225 or go to our Contact Us page to submit a comment or question.