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2021 Marketing Campains
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2019/2020 Marketing Pieces

These include the following target audiences: ESD/Vape, NYE/Holiday, Healthcare Professional, Seniors, LGBTQ+, Substance Use, Pregnancy 

2018 Marketing Pieces

Extra Marketing Piece: Veterans: This piece is intended to promote Quitline Iowa to caregivers of Veterans.

June Quitline Iowa Marketing Piece:

May Quitline Iowa Marketing Piece: This piece is intended to promote the Quitline Iowa pregnancy and post-partum program

April Quitline Iowa Marketing Piece: This piece is intended to promote the Quitline Iowa pregnancy and postpartum program. 

March Quitline Iowa Marketing Piece

Looking ahead to Valentines day 2018

January 2018 Hit The Reset Button QL Promotions

December 2017 Quitline promotional piece. 

Sports series that highlight various sports.

October 17 BONUS promo items (best used at a school setting or on social media)

October 17 QL digital promo items

Please see below Quitline Iowa promotional pieces. The intent for these items is for social media use. Here is the recommended text for the attached images. 
  • Quitline Social Post (1st attachment): When you’re ready to quit, we’re ready to help with a plan that’s right for you. Learn more about the positive effects of quitting tobacco at quitlineiowa.org.
  • Quitline Social Posts 2 (2nd attachment): If that’s what happens within 48 hours, just imagine how you’ll feel once you quit for good. Get started today by visiting quitlineiowa.org.

Please find attached the QL advertising piece for August, 2017. The intent with this piece is that you can insert your own logo in the space by the IDPH logo (either below or beside it). We also have several different ad templates and sizes for you to use as you see fit.  We hope that you can find the size that will work best for you this way. You will also notice the smallest one does not have an image with it, that is how it's supposed to be.
Finally, here are some points on how you should insert your logo:

CP Logo placement guide:

  • CP should use their black logo 
  • CPs Logos should placed on the right or below the IDPH logo. 
  • The CP logo should be the same vertical size as the IDPH and QL logo


Find out how we can help you quit with a plan that works for you at quitlineiowa.org.

Being Stress-free while trying to Quit (May bonus promotion)

Be a Role Model by Quitting

Make the Call

Help Someone You Love Dos/ Don'ts

Tobacco and Pregnancy (mid-December 2016)

Tis the Season to be Tobacco Free (December

Quit Tips to be Tobacco Free

Tackle the Source

The Truth About E-cigarettes and Hookah (September 2016)

Better Health Starts Within Minutes (August 2016)

Quitting is the Beginning (July 2016)

Additional resources or material created by other organizations.

American Lung Association Tear Sheets:


PDF Quitline Iowa Brochure in English and Spanish, Low Literacy, Electronic Smoking Device, and Dual Use.


Please remember you need CHC approval for any type of paid media usage, for instance if you were going to pay to use this in a movie theater. Additionally, the Division would like to know how you are using this video for our own documentation. Please let your CHC know how it is being used in your community.