Tattoo Artists

Permit Requirements

Permits are required for all tattoo establishments including permanent establishments, temporary establishments, and mobile units. An application and fee must be submitted for each permit. Permits for permanent and mobile establishments are valid for one year and expire on December 31.

More information, and the applications for each specific permit can be found in the sections below.

Establishment Requirements

Tattoo facilities are required to be inspected prior to operation and annually by a local inspection agency.

The checklist below is what will be used by the inspector to conduct the tattoo inspection. You may use this checklist as a reference to ensure that your establishment meets all the requirements.

Also listed below is the guidance document that includes specific details for each type of establishment permit such as, mobile units and temporary events.

Establishment Applications & Forms

All establishment applications and forms, including a sample Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Inspection Form can be found below:

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