Requirements for Electronically-controlled Tanning Facilities

46.5(12) Requirements for electronically controlled facilities: those facilities that rely on electronic means to monitor consumers.

a. Entry into the facility is allowed by card only. Two individuals may not enter under the same card. The card is specifically activated for tanning if the facility offers other activities.

b. Police and all emergency services will have access to the facility through a key box located outside the entrance of the facility.

c. The tanning unit will not activate if the card is not programmed for tanning. The card will not activate if two individuals are in the tanning room.

d. The consumer must sign a tanning agreement that states the number of minutes per session, that the consumer agrees to wear protective eyewear, that the consumer will cleanse the unit after tanning, and that the consumer is aware of the emergency access in each room.

e. The card will be programmed for the number of minutes the consumer is allowed to tan. The card may be reprogrammed for an increase in minutes per session only after the consumer has reviewed and re-signed the Tanning Agreement. After 30 consecutive days without the consumer’s accessing the tanning facility, the card will be deactivated and the consumer must reapply to access the tanning unit.

f. The operator will demonstrate to each consumer how to properly cleanse the unit after tanning, including the top, bottom, and handles. A sign will be placed in each room explaining the cleansing process. The operator will cleanse the units at least once a day when they are in use.

g. Free disposable eyewear will be placed in each room along with a sign stating that the disposable eyewear is available and that eyewear must be worn.

h. An emergency call button or device will be placed in each tanning room conveniently located within read of the tanning bed. This device will call the operator or emergency personnel.

i. During annual inspections, the inspector may ask any consumer about any of the above processes.