Registration Exemptions

When does IAC Chapter 15 not apply to a public pool or spa?

Almost all public swimming pools and spas in Iowa are required to meet the minimum standards of IAC Chapter 15. However, there are two instances when a public swimming pool or spa can be exempted from meeting these minimum standards. These include:

Therapeutic Use

A swimming pool or spa which is used exclusively for therapeutic use under the direct supervision of qualified medical personnel can be exempted by completing the Request for Therapy Use Exemption form.

Homeowners Associations

A swimming pool or spa operated by a homeowners association representing 72 or fewer dwelling units may be exempted by completing the Request for Homeowner’s Association Exemption form if:

  • The association bylaws , which also apply to a rental agreement relative to any of the dwelling units, include an exemption from the requirements of Iowa Administrative Code 641 Chapter 15,
  • The association provides for the inspection of the swimming pool or spa by an entity other than the department or a local inspection agency. The inspector designated by the association shall be a certified pool operator (CPO) as defined in Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 15.3(1) and the inspection report shall be filed with the association secretary and shall be available to any association member on request, and
  • The association assumes any liability associated with operation of the swimming pool and spa and must notify the department in writing if the association bylaws are amended as above.
  • Request for Homeowners Association Exemption  PDF
  • 641 IAC Chapter 15  PDF