Substance Use and Problem Gambling Data


The IDPH Division of Behavioral Health collects client data from licensed substance use disorder treatment agencies to meet state and federal data (TEDS, etc.) reporting requirements. IDPH uses data to assist in decision making for system/network improvements, provider service delivery (access, engagement, retention, and completion of treatment), and linkages to associated services and support.

Data Integrity

Each month, IDPH conducts Data Integrity checks to ensure that data reported is complete and accurate. Data Integrity Reports are sent via encrypted mail on the 17th of the month.  Agencies are expected to review their individual reports and to make the corrections noted by the 15th of the following month.  


Integrated Data Integrity Reports Manual (June 2020) 

Integrated Data Integrity Reports Manual Training (March 10, 2020) 

Data Reporting

Central Data Repository (CDR)

The IDPH Central Data Repository (CDR) is a data warehouse that contains all state-required substance abuse treatment data elements and allows for electronic submission of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment data. Licensed substance use disorder treatment agencies that currently use or are planning to procure an EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Record or Electronic Medical Record), may submit data directly to the IDPH Central Data Repository.  Click here for more information on the CDR.

Iowa Service Management and Reporting Tool (I-SMART)

I-SMART is an Internet-based client management system that allows the State of Iowa and its licensed substance use disorder and problem gambling treatment providers to administer, manage and provide cost efficient quality assessment and treatment services. Agencies contracted with IDPH use I-SMART to report problem gambling treatment service data via I-SMART.   For licensed substance use disoder treatment agencies that don't currently have an EHR/EMR or whose EHR/EMR lacks the ability to send an electronic file to the CDR may choose to submit data through the I-SMART system.  Click here for more information on I-SMART.

Iowa Behavioral Health Reporting System (IBHRS)

COMING SOON!  The Iowa Department of Public Health Department (IDPH) is pleased to announce that IBHRS, the new statewide integrated substance use disorder and problem gambling treatment reporting system will launch on July 1, 2021.  IBHRS fulfills the integration of licensure and data reporting requirements set in motion by Senate File 2425 (2008) and House File 811 (2009), where the Iowa Legislature directed the Department to align SUD and problem gambling (PG) treatment systems. IBHRS combines SUD and PG data model and has extensive validation rules to ensure data submitted to IBHRS meets the Department’s standards. 

Webinars start on January 6, 2021 and will include an IBHRS kickoff and introduction, followed by bi-monthly technical assistance webinars designed to onboard Providers and EHR Vendors. Click here for more information on IBHRS.


Click here for more information and webinars on the launching of IBHRS.

SAPG Prevention and Treatment Data Help Desk

The SAPG Data Help Desk is here to help with questions and provide technical assistance on prevention and treatment data reporting requirements and related data systems. The Help Desk can be reached via phone at 866-339-7913 (toll free), or via email at SAPGData@idph.iowa.gov.

Help Desk hours are M-F from 9-3 (excluding holidays). Calls to the help desk are directed to a voice mail system which transcribes the messages.  When leaving a message, please speak slowly and clearly to ensure an accurate transcription. Please be sure to include your name, agency, phone number, best time to be reached, and the nature of the assistance needed. Help Desk personnel will respond to your request within 1 business day.