Strategic Prevention Framework

Sustainability and Cultural Competence

SPF Overview

The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is a five-step planning process known to support positive youth development, reduce risk-taking behaviors, build on assets and prevent problem behaviors. The five steps listed below will occur at both the state and local levels:

Conduct a Needs Assessment

The project will build upon current needs assessment efforts in the state creating an integrated needs assessment process that will aid in identifying communities and at-risk populations to target with prevention efforts.

Build State and Local Capacity

The SPF Advisory Council will serve to mobilize state and local leaders and stakeholders to address and engage in coordinated substance abuse prevention efforts. Training and technical assistance will also be provided at the local level.

Develop a Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Development of a comprehensive and integrated strategic plan for substance abuse prevention priorities at the state and local levels.

Implement Evidence-Based Prevention Policies, Programs and Practices

State and local stakeholders will utilize proven prevention efforts to address targeted substance abuse issues within local communities.

Monitor and Evaluate Program Effectiveness

Through the State Epidemiological Workgroup (SEW), the data infrastructure established via the grant and in collaboration with communities, the project will continually evaluate the process and monitor outcome data.

Inherent in each step of the SPF process is cultural competency and sustainability.