Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

Over the past few years, Iowa has been in the process of a system transformation with regards to addictive disorders. This transformation was recently outlined in the December 2009 report to the Iowa State Legislature entitled, IDPH Problem Gambling and Substance Abuse Treatment System Alignment. An excerpt from this report reads:

Over the next five years, IDPH envisions a transition to a more comprehensive and integrated recovery-oriented system of care for addictive disorders built on coordination and collaboration across problem gambling education and treatment, substance abuse prevention, and substance abuse treatment. This transition will include, but may not be limited to, review and revision as indicated of:

  • program licensure standards
  • practitioner credentialing
  • workforce development
  • client and family leadership
  • service areas
  • local collaboration
  • funding and funding methodologies
  • services and supports
  • clinical outcome measures
  • performance measurement
  • Requests For Proposals
  • service procurement
  • contract conditions

Click here to review of SAMHSA's Discussion paper on a 'Good and Modern Addiction and Mental Health System'. PDF

Iowa Definition of a ROSC

A ROSC supports person-centered and self-directed approaches to care that build on the strengths and resilience of individuals, families and communities to take responsibility for their sustained health, wellness, and recovery from alcohol and drug problems and problem gambling. A ROSC offers a comprehensive menu of services and supports that can be combined and readily adjusted to meet the individual's needs and chosen pathway to recovery. ROSC is consumer and family driven, timely and responsive, person centered, effective, equitable and efficient, safe and trustworthy, and maximizes use of natural supports and settings. Iowa 2010

For more information regarding ROSC activities in Iowa, please contact Kathy Stone at (515) 281-4417.

ROSC Resources: