X-Ray Machines

Who We Are and What We Do

Medical use x-ray equipment:This program regulates the possession and use of radiation-emitting equipment used for medical purposes. This includes general purpose x-ray and fluoroscopy, CT, podiatric, dental, and veterinary units. It does not include MRI or ultrasound units. Requirements for mammography units can be found at: Mammography

Therapy equipment:This program regulates the possession and use of equipment designed and used for external beam radiation therapy for oncology.

Non-medical equipment:This program regulates the possession and use of equipment designed and used in industry or for non-medical purposes. This includes enclosed radiography in a cabinet or room.

Healing arts screening:This program regulates screening programs that utilize radiation-emitting equipment for medical purposes. If a patient has a scheduled appointment and the x-ray exam is part of the appointment, the x-ray exam is considered "standing orders."  If an individual just shows up and requests an x-ray exam under certain national criteria, the x-ray exam is part of a healing arts screening program.  All healing arts screening programs (except mammography) must have approval from IDPH before offering exams.  Please review Information Notice 2014 x-03.

Service providers: This program registers the companies that provide services to facilities such as calibration and installation of equipment, radiation protection or health physics consultations and surveys, service or repair of equipment and furnish or sale of radiation emitting equipment. 

General Requirements of the program:

  • Register all facilities with radiation-emitting equipment annually.
  • Set operating standards and ensure that all radiation-emitting equipment meets standards.
  • Set standards for healing arts screening programs.
  • Set and ensure that all operators of radiation-emitting equipment follow good radiation safety procedures.
  • Protect the radiological health and safety of all Iowans.


Medical facilities (except oncology/therapy)

Application and Renewal instructions for using our online portal are available on the regulatory programs page.  A Shielding Review is required as part of the registration process for any new facility or equipment. 

Helpful links for radiation machine facilities

Healing Arts Screening

Please visit the Healing Arts Screening tab on the left.

Medical facilities (oncology/therapy only)

Use the Guide to complete the registration requirements.

All Medical Physicist working in medical oncology must complete the registration forms.

For mammography Medical Physicists, see the mammography page.

Industrial facilities (non-medical)

Use the Guide to complete the registration requirements.

Service Providers

Visit IDPH Regulatory Programs page for Radiation Machines Service Providers to complete the registration. You may also complete the paper application available here: Application for Radiation Service Providers.pdf.PDF

For a list of current service providers, please go to the online portal and search for Radiation Machine Service Providers with Active status on the public search option.

Information Notices

The X-Ray Program periodically publishes  Information Notices that contain clarification of regulations as well as information to assist in the implementation and maintenance of a compliant radiological program for the radiation-emitting machines.

Other Links:

Take Note!  Please check the Rules link below to view any new or proposed rule changes

Verification of Machine Registration:

  • Please verify registrations through our public search portal, which can be accessed at the Regulatory Programs - Public Search page.  Follow the instructions: Finding a licensee, registrant, permit holder, certification, or other individual.

For more information:

  • X-Ray Machines Program: Debra Wolff (515) 201-5110 (Medical Machines and Service Providers)
  • Randy Dahlin (515) 281-0419 (Industrial, Non-medical)
  • Use the "Contact Us" page to submit questions online.