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Medical use x-ray equipment:This program regulates the possession and use of radiation-emitting equipment used for medical purposes. This includes general purpose x-ray and fluoroscopy, CT, podiatric, dental, and veterinary units. It does not include MRI or ultrasound units. Requirements for mammography units can be found at: Mammography

Therapy equipment:This program regulates the possession and use of equipment designed and used for external beam radiation therapy for oncology.

Non-medical equipment:This program regulates the possession and use of equipment designed and used in industry or for non-medical purposes. This includes enclosed radiography in a cabinet or room.

Healing arts screening:This program regulates screening programs that utilize radiation-emitting equipment for medical purposes. If a patient has a scheduled appointment and the x-ray exam is part of the appointment, the x-ray exam is considered "standing orders."  If an individual just shows up and requests an x-ray exam under certain national criteria, the x-ray exam is part of a healing arts screening program.  All healing arts screening programs (except mammography) must have approval from IDPH before offering exams.  Please review Information Notice 2014 x-03.

Service providers: This program registers the companies that service x-ray machines and provides facilities with lists of registered companies.

General Requirements of the program:

  • Register all facilities with radiation-emitting equipment annually.
  • Set operating standards and ensure that all radiation-emitting equipment meets standards.
  • Set standards for healing arts screening programs.
  • Set and ensure that all operators of radiation-emitting equipment follow good radiation safety procedures.
  • Protect the radiological health and safety of all Iowans.

Medical facilities (except oncology/therapy)

Review the Guide to complete the Facility Registration Form.  A current Shielding Review is required as part of the registration process.

Renewal facility registration:

Review the Guide to determine if you qualify for reciprocity and what forms need to be submitted.

Additional information:

Healing Arts Screening

See Appendix C for the information to be submitted.

Medical facilities (oncology/therapy)

Use the Guide to complete the registration requirements.

All Medical Physicist working in medical oncology must complete the registration forms.

Industrial facilities (non-medical)

Use the Guide to complete the registration requirements.

Service Providers

Visit IDPH Regulatory Programs page for Radiation Machines Service Providers to complete the registration.

Information Notices

The X-Ray Program periodically publishes  Information Notices that contain clarification of regulations as well as information to assist in the implementation and maintenance of a compliant radiological program for the radiation-emitting machines.

Other Links:

Take Note!  Please check the Rules link below to view any new or proposed rule changes

For more information:

  • X-Ray Machines Program (515) 281-0430 (Registrations, shielding and general)
  • Randy Dahlin (515) 281-0419 (industrial, non-medical)
  • Use the "Contact Us" page to submit questions online.