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IDPH Research Agenda -  Impact of Health-related Professional Licensure

impact of health-related professional licensure

About this Topic: Licensing of health occupations can protect the public’s health and safety by increasing the quality of professionals’ services through mandatory requirements and restrictions. However, evidence shows that licensing of professions can create barriers to employment opportunities, and lead to higher costs to consumers. These benefits and risks can vary greatly from state to state due to the heterogeneity of what and how professions are licensed across the US. A better understanding of the impact of health-related professional licensure in Iowa will help to ensure public health benefit, and to avoid negative economic impacts.

Research Questions:

  1. Are Iowa’s health-related professional licensure regulations aligned with current skills needed in each licensed profession, and do these regulations adequately protect the health of Iowans?
  2. How is Iowa’s economy impacted by health-related professional licensure, including employment, access to jobs, and wages of licensees, including reimbursement rates?
  3. What is the impact of health-related professional licensure regulations on consumers, and how does this impact vary?

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