For Researchers

How to Request Iowa PRAMS Data

Iowa PRAMS data is available to researchers upon request through the department's Research and Ethics Review Committee (RERC). Researchers will need to complete an application for data use and sign a data sharing agreement upon approval of the researcher’s application. Guidance and forms are available on the Iowa Public Health Data page.

Aggregate PRAMS data is also available upon request.  To request aggregate data please fill out the following data request form available here.

Please see the Topic Map and the survey on the ‘Current Survey in Iowa’ tab for more information on what questions Iowa mothers are being asked.

How to Request National PRAMS Data

Father with Baby

The PRAMS Data Portal is an online data platform developed by the CDC to provide public access to maternal and child health indicators from PRAMS. Users can view and interact with data collected from 2000-2011 for all participating PRAMS states that have achieved the appropriate response rate. Users can view selected indicators for Maternal and Child Health from 2012-2015 for all PRAMS states here. For more information on requesting national-level data, please visit the CDC PRAMS website.

For more information about Iowa PRAMS, call 1-800-383-3826 or (515) 725-2833. You may send a question online by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. Please select Maternal and Child Health as the Message subject on the Contact Us page.