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Who We Are

The Office of Health Care Transformation (OHCT) is a key point-of-contact for health care transformation related initiatives at IDPH. The OHCT monitors federal and state-level health care issues and disseminates the key information, opportunities, and impacts to the public and other partners- internal and external to IDPH. The OHCT presents to and offers technical assistance to a variety of stakeholders. The Check-Up is a health transformation newsletter that is a key avenue to distribute this information.


The mission of the OHCT is to promote community care coordination and advance the patient-centered transformation of the health care system, which will improve care and reduce cost. The overarching goals of the OHCT are:

  • Convening stakeholders
  • Building relationships and partnerships
  • Streamlining efforts
  • Presenting to and offering technical assistance to a variety of organizations
  • Presenting to outside stakeholder groups on the initiatives of the OHCT.