Classroom Training

Click here to open the calendar of classroom training opportunities.  The calendar will display up to four months of upcoming events by default.  To display additional months, you can use the arrow keys near the bottom of the calendar to scroll to the next month.  By default the calendar is set to display "All Events."  If you hover your mouse over the event, it will display a brief synopsis of the event details and categories of continuing education hours awarded.  Click on the calendar event for details on course location and contact information for course registration. 

To filter the events by categories, look for the drop down box that says "All Events" near the top of the page.  Click on the green arrows to apply a category filter.  Be advised, however, that if you filter events for a specific content area, the results may not be entirely accurate.  Some courses are approved for multiple disciplines (e.g. plumbing, hydronics, HVAC/R) and the training calendar currently allows us to choose only one category per event.  The course details, however, will show all categories that the course is approved for.

Note: Not all courses or instructors submit information to have their classes posted to the board training calendar. To find other courses in your area, contact your local trade unions, community colleges, or other approved instructors.

If you are a board-approved instructor and would like to have your courses posted to our training calendar, please submit the "Schedule of Courses Notification Form" available from the "Continuing Education" link on the left side of this page.

Online Training

The board has approved the following providers and courses for online training.  Up to half of the continuing education hours required for each renewal can be obtained through online training.  Contact these providers to register for board-approved online courses. (last updated March 2017)

  • 1 Attempt (At Your Pace Online): Contact David Modica, phone 877-724-6150; email: contact@atyourpaceonline.com. Website to register for courses: www.TradesmanCE.com. PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • Iowa 4 Hour 2016 Plumbing Code Update; Plumbing Code - 4 hours;
    • Iowa 2 Hour 2016 Plumbing Code Class 1; Plumbing Code - 2 hours;
    • Iowa 2 Hour 2016 Plumbing Code Class Part 2; Plumbing Code - 2 hours;
    • Iowa 2015 IMC Review - Part 1; Mechanical Code or HVAC/R Discipline - 2 hours;
    • Iowa 2015 IMC Review - Part 2; Mechanical Code or HVAC/R Discipline - 2 hours.
  • 1st Choice CE: Contact 1st Choice CE, phone 1-800-698-2770; email: info@1stchoice-ce.com. Website to register for courses: https://www.1stchoice-ce.com/. PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • 2 Hour 2015 Significant Changes to 2012 IMC; HVAC/R Discipline or Mechanical Code - 2 hours;
    • 2 Hr Iowa HVAC Renewal - Duct Systems; HVAC/R Discipline - 2 hours;
    • 2 Hr Iowa Plumbing Renewal - Water Heaters; Plumbing Code - 2 hours;
    • 2 Hr Iowa Plumbing Renewal - Definitions Regulations and Fixtures; Plumbing Code - 2 hours.
  • All Star Training: Contact John Mason, phone 817-385-1136; email: Support@AllstarCE.com.  Website to register for courses: https://AllstarCE.com/.  PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • Refrigeration Science and Troubleshooting; HVAC/R Discipline - 2 hours;
    • IMC Code for HVAC Professionals; Mechanical Code - 2 hours;
    • Indoor Air Quality; HVAC/R Discipline - 2 hours;
    • Two Hour UPC Code for Iowa Plumbers; Plumbing Code - 2 hours.
  • Des Moines Area Community College: Website to register for courses: www.dmacc.edu.  PMSB Approved Online Courses:  
    • International Mechanical Code; Mechanical Code - 2 hours.
  • Heartstarters: Contact Mary Houska, phone 605-371-2276; email: learncpr@heartstarters.org.  Website to register for courses: www.heartstarters.org.  PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • AHA Heartsaver First Aid/Adult CPR Blended Learning Program; Safety - 5 hours.
  • IAPMO: Contact Denise Voorhees, phone 1-877-427-6601; email: seminars@iapmo.org.  Website to register for courses: www.iapmolearn.org.  PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • 2012 UMC Important Changes; Mechanical Discipline, HVAC/R Discipline, Hydronics Discipline, or Sheet Metal Discipline - 2 hours;
    • 2012 UPC Water Pipe Sizing; Plumbing Code or Plumbing Discipline - 2 hours;
    • 2012 UPC Fixture and Fixture Fittings; Plumbing Code - 2 hours;
    • 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code Important Changes; Plumbing Code or Plumbing Discipline - 2 hours.
  • Innovative Business Consultants: Contact AJ Hanscom or Aaron Iacino, phone 712-277-2424; email: aj.hanscom@ibcins.biz or aaron.iacino@ibcins.biz.  Website to register for courses: www.ibcins.biz.  PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • Online 2 Hour Safety Course; Safety - 2 hours.
  • JADE Learning: Contact Naomi Yencich, phone 800-443-5233; email:  nyencich@jadelearning.com. Website to register for courses: www.jadelearning.com.  PMSB Approved Online Courses: 
    • 2018 IMC Part 1; Mechanical Code - 2 hours and HVAC/R Discipline - 2 hours = Total of 4 hours;
    • 2018 IMC Part 2; Mechanical Code - 2 hours and HVAC/R Discipline - 2 hours = Total of 4 hours.
  • Kirkwood Continuing Education: Contact Kirkwood Community College, phone 319-398-1022 or 800-332-8833; email: contactce@Kirkwood.edu.  Website to register for courses:  https://kirkwood.augusoft.net/.  PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • 2012 IMC Chapters 1 and 2; Mechanical Code - 2 hours;
    • 2015 UPC - Chapters 7, 8, & 9; Plumbing Code - 2 hours each;
    • Water Pipe Sizing for Plumbers; Plumbing Discipline - 2 hours;
    • Drain, Waste & Vent Sizing; Plumbing Discipline - 2 hours;
    • 2012 IMC Chapters 1 and 2; Mechanical Code - 2 hours;
    • 2018 IMC Chapter 8 Chimneys and Vents; Mechanical Code - 2 hours;
    • 2018 UPC Chapter 1 and 2; Plumbing Code - 2 hours;
    • 2018 UPC Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10; Plumbing Code - 2 hours each.
  • The CEU Authority: Contact Audrey Pins, phone 515-333-1293; email: Audrey@theceuauthority.com.  Website to register for courses: www.theceuauthority.com.  PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • Electrical Safety; Safety - 1 hour;
    • Fire and Electrical Safety; Safety - 2 hours;
    • Fire Safety; Safety - 1 hour;
    • Mechanical Code Updates; Mechanical Code - 2 hours;
    • Mechanical Code: How to Find What You Are Looking For; Mechanical Code - 1 hour;
    • Torch Safety; Safety - 1 hour;
    • Refrigerant Safety; Safety - 1 hour;
    • Avoiding Common Plumbing Code Errors; Plumbing Code - 1 hour;
    • NATE: Air Conditioning Exam Prep; HVAC/R Discipline - 3 hours;
    • NATE: Core Exam Prep; HVAC/R Discipline or Hydronics Discipline - 4 hours;
    • What’s Practical For Me in the Plumbing Code; Plumbing Code - 1 hour;
    • Gas Heating Fundamentals; Hydronics Discipline or HVAC/R Discipline or Sheet Metal Discipline or Mechanical Discipline - 4 hours;
    • High Efficiency Gas Heat; Hydronics or HVAC/R Discipline or Sheet Metal Discipline or Mechanical Discipline - 4 hours;
    • Jobsite Safety; Safety - 2 hours;
    • Mechanical Code:  How to find what you are looking for; Mechanical Code - 2 hours;
    • Mechanical Code Updates; Mechanical Code - 2 hours;
    • The Safe Use of Torches; Safety - 2 hours;
    • Efficiency Fundamentals; Hydronics Discipline or HVAC/R Discipline or Sheet Metal Discipline or Mechanical Discipline - 2 hours;
    • What's New in the Uniform Plumbing Code; Plumbing Code - 2 hours;
    • Confined Spaces in Construction; Safety - 2 hours;
    • Air Conditioning Fundamentals; HVAC/R Discipline or Sheet Metal Discipline - 2 hours.
  • The Refinery Resource: Contact John von Harz, phone 515-4918342; email: john.vonharz@resourcerefinery.com.  Website to register for courses: www.resourcerefinery.com.  PMSB Approved Online Courses:
    • High Performing Comfort; HVAC/R Discipline - 2 hours.


List of Approved Instructors

These instructors have been approved by the Iowa Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board to provide board-approved CEU classes for Iowa license renewal.  The list is sorted alphabetically, by city, to facilitate licensees attempting to find courses in their area.  To find a specific instructor or city, use Ctrl-F in your browser to "Find" the information.  While every attempt has been made to ensure an accurate listing, some categories of approval (e.g. sheet metal or mechanical trade) are not listed due to database limitations.  (last updated February 2018)