Performance Management

Performance management is the strategic use of performance standards, measures, progress reports and ongoing quality improvement to ensure we are achieving our desired results. Performance management identifies actual results against planned or intended results. The ultimate goal of a performance management system in public health is to improve health outcomes for all.

While IDPH is focused on improving health outcomes, checking only health status indicators will not help to identify root causes of public health problems. Efficiency and quality of related inputs and outputs must also be managed. The performance management cycle is a tool to improve health, increase efficiency, and create other benefits and value for Iowans. As an agency, we want to measure progress of major initiatives and demonstrate impact. 

IDPH's Performance Management System is a three-tiered system structured around scorecards and performance measures:

  1. Department level
  2. Division level, and
  3. Program measures.

Department scorecards are published on the About IDPH page under Department Priorities.

For more information:

Robert Stewart, Performance Management Coordinator
Lucas State Office Building
321 E 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075
Phone: 515-473-4726