Limited Radiologic Technologist

“Radiologic technologist” means an individual, excluding x-ray equipment operators, who performs radiography of the human body as ordered by an individual authorized by Iowa law to order radiography.

“Limited radiologic technologist” performs radiography for the chest, spine, extremities, shoulder or pediatrics, excluding CT and fluoroscopy.

“Radiography” means a technique for generating and recording an x-ray pattern for the purpose of providing the user with an image(s) during or after termination of the exposure.

“ARRT” means the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.


Completion of an IDPH recognized training program. For recognized programs, please contact the ID PH at 515-281-0415 . For the Training Guide, please click the following:

Testing Requirements

  • At least 70% on the ARRT limited scope of practice in radiography examination core section and at least 70% on each category, (application for the ARRT limited examination (click here))
  • At least 70% on the American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists Limited Radiography Examination, or
  • At least 70% on a department-approved examination.


To apply for a permit, renew a permit, or apply for a limited radiographer test, visit the regulatory programs page at Regulatory Programs - Permit to Practice

Continuing Education Requirements for Radiologic Technologists

Report 12.0 hours obtained within the biennium indicated on your permit.

  • You must report the hours with your renewal application on the year your CEs are due.
  • CE is due at the time of renewal. Failure to complete the hours will result in an expired permit and you will not be allowed to perform diagnostic radiography procedures.
  • You may submit proof of activities recognized by the ARRT.
  • Activities may be lectures or self-studies. The same lecture may be repeated only once in a biennium. The self-study activity may not be repeated.
  • Acceptable proof of completion must be documentation signed and dated by the CE provider that includes the participant’s name, title of the activity, approval number for the activity, dates of attendance, number of contact hours for the activity, the name of the approving organization, and signature of the sponsor or instructor or authorized representative of the sponsor or instructor.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that your proof of completion meets the requirements in #6.
  • You must maintain proof of continuing education for at least 3 years.
  • Continuing education obtained to satisfy disciplinary or enforcement action or as part of a corrective action plan may not be reported to meet continuing education requirements.
  • All permit holders are subject to a department audit at any time.

For more information about Permits to Operate, please Contact Us or call 855-824-4357