Medical Cannabidiol Information for Law Enforcement and Public Safety

The following information is designed for Iowa’s law enforcement and public safety personnel. This information will help you to verify registered patients and legal medical cannabidiol products in Iowa, as well as understand the security requirements of our licensed cannabidiol facilities.

Identifying Allowable Forms of Medical Cannabidiol

Products available for patients in Iowa can be found on the website of our licensed manufacturer:

The allowable forms of medical cannabidiol in Iowa are as follows:

  • Oral forms - tablets, capsules, liquids, tinctures and sublingual forms
  • Vaporizable forms - cartridges
  • Topical forms - gels, ointments, creams, lotions and transdermal patches
  • Nebulizable inhaled forms
  • Suppositories - rectal and vaginal

Forms Not Allowed Under Iowa Law

Raw leaf, flowers, and edibles are not allowed under Iowa law. Legal medical cannabidiol includes only the allowable forms listed above.

Identifying Medical Cannabidiol Patients and Caregivers

Registered patients and caregivers in Iowa’s medical cannabidiol program will be administered a card from the Iowa DOT. This card will contain identifying information, as well as the patient’s or caregiver’s individual medical cannabidiol registry number. This number will be included on the label of any medical cannabidiol products sold to that that specific patient or caregiver.

When confirming a person can possess medical cannabidiol, a law enforcement officer should match the registry number on the product label to the registry number on the patient’s medical cannabidiol card. An example of Iowa’s medical cannabidiol card is pictured below:

Front of Registration Card

Back of Registration Card


Access to DOT Card-Issuance System

  • For any patients Issued a registration card through the DOT before July 1, 2020, law enforcement has access to the DOT card-issuance system. If a patient or caregiver does not have their card in their possession, law enforcement can verify the cardholder by looking up name and address of the patient or caregiver.
  • For any patients or caregivers with registration cards Issued after July 1, 2020, law enforcement should call the Office of Medical Cannabidiol at (515)-725-2076 to verify that a registration card is valid.

Transportation of Medical Cannabidiol

  • A manufacturer is authorized to transport medical cannabidiol to and from: dispensaries, a laboratory for testing, a waste facility for disposal and other sites only with departmental approval.
  • Drivers shall have proof of employment from our manufacturer, a transport manifest identifying all product in shipment and a transport application on their phone or tablet that identifies their itinerary for delivery.

Manufacturer and Dispensary Site Security

Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Laws and Rules

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