The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards (Version 1.5) are the current national standards for health departments seeking national accreditation. It is recommended that Iowa's local health departments use the PHAB standards even if not currently seeking accreditation. Use of the PHAB standards in Iowa will bring more consistency to public health service delivery across our state. Meeting standards or becoming accredited signifies the role public health plays in assuring a healthy Iowa. Previous work health departments had done to meet the Iowa Public Health standards translates well to the national PHAB standards.

Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards

PHAB Standards & Measures Version 1.5: October 2015 Errata - PHAB has identified and fixed spelling, grammatical, naming, and content errors within Version 1.5, originally released in January 2014. This link identifies those errors for your convenience. The link to the updated PHAB Standards & Measures Version 1.5 is listed below. The individual Domain documents below, have been updated, as well.

PHAB Standards  & Measures Version 1.5

PHAB Acronyms & Glossary of Terms PDF

Domain 1: Assessment PDF

Domain 2: Investigate PDF

Domain 3: Inform & Educate PDF

Domain 4: Community Engagement PDF

Domain 5: Policies & Plans PDF

Domain 6: Public Health Laws PDF

Domain 7: Access to Care PDF

Domain 8: Workforce PDF

Domain 9: Quality Improvement PDF

Domain 10: Evidence-Based Practices PDF

Domain 11: Administrative & Management PDF

Domain 12: Governance PDF

Iowa Public Health Standards

2013 Iowa Public Health Standards PDF

2011 Iowa Public Health Standards PDF

2007 Iowa Public Health Standards PDF


2007 and 2011 Iowa Public Health Standards PDF

2011 Iowa Public Health Standards and PHAB Version 1.0 ZIP

Crosswalk IPHS and PHAB Version 1.5 PDF

Crosswalk on Public Health Accreditation and Retail Program Standards PDF