Who is Eligible for a Cannabidiol Registration Card?

There are two categories of persons eligible to apply for the Cannabidiol Registration Card:

  • patients age 18 and older who have intractable epilepsy; and
  • primary caregivers for patients with intractable epilepsy

“Patient” means a person who is a permanent resident of the state of Iowa who suffers from intractable epilepsy and has received a recommendation from a neurologist for the medical use of cannabidiol pursuant to 2014 Iowa Acts, Senate File 2360.

“Permanent resident” means a natural person who physically resides in Iowa as the person’s principal and primary residence and who establishes evidence of such residency by providing the department with one of the following:

1. A valid Iowa driver’s license,

2. A valid Iowa nonoperator’s identification card,

3. A valid Iowa voter registration card,

4. A current Iowa vehicle registration certificate,

5. A utility bill,

6. A statement from a financial institution,

7. A residential lease agreement,

8. A check or pay stub from an employer,

9. A child’s school or child care enrollment documents,

10. Valid documentation establishing a filing of homestead or military tax exemption on property located in Iowa, or

11. Other valid documentation as deemed acceptable by the department to establish residency.

“Primary Caregiver” means a person, at least eighteen years of age, who has been designated by a patient’s neurologist or a person having custody of a patient, as being necessary to take responsibility for managing the well-being of the patient with respect to the medical use of cannabidiol pursuant to the provisions of 2014 Iowa Acts, Senate File 2360.