Stereotactic Biopsy Inspections

The information below is intended for guidance only and does not encompass all aspects of a stereotactic biopsy inspection.  For specific questions regarding your facility’s stereotactic biopsy inspection, please contact IDPH Mammography Program staff.

Remember that the information available for State of Iowa stereotactic biopsy inspections may not reflect all requirements if you are an ACR Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Accredited facility. Contact the ACR for questions regarding accreditation at 800- 227-6440 or visit their website.

Inspector Tests Performed Onsite

Personnel Records

Quality Assurance

Inspector Tests Performed Onsite

The inspector will ask you to perform a phantom image test in the same manner in which you perform the test for your stereotactic quality control program.

The inspector will also perform a digital field (receptor) uniformity test on your unit.  

Personnel Records

The inspector will review all personnel records to ensure that stereo physicians, technologists and medical physicists meet the initial and continuing stereo qualifications.

 For additional information:

Quality Assurance (QA)

The applicable quality control manuals for your stereotactic unit need to be available for reference during inspection.

QA of a facility’s stereotactic breast biopsy program that will be verified includes but is not limited to:

  • Designated responsible IP
  • Annual review of QA program
  • Quality control records
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy facilities must perform quality control testing as outlined in IAC Chapter 41.7 rules.
  • Any additional tests as required by the manufacturer must also be performed. 
  • Medical Physicist surveys 
  • The medical physicist must annually perform equipment testing as outlined in IAC Chapter 41.7 rules.
  • Safety Standards
  • Dosimetry records
  • Equipment operated from a shielded position
  • Medical Records Review
  • Five (5) random reports from date ranges provided by the inspector
  • Medical Stereo Audit 
  • Reviewed and signed annually
  • Service records

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