Applications for Accreditation

Any mammography unit that will be used for mammography services must be accredited by an FDA approved accrediting body prior to use for patient imaging. Mammography units located within Iowa must also be authorized by the IDPH Mammography Program.

  • If your facility accredits with the IDPH Mammography Program, authorization is included in the accreditation process.
  • If your facility uses the American College of Radiology (ACR) as your accrediting body, authorization with the IDPH Mammography Program must be completed in addition to the ACR accreditation process.

To obtain an Accreditation Application for either a New Unit or New Facility, you must contact the IDPH Mammography Program.

Once the accrediting body has approved a mammography unit application, the IDPH Mammography Program will be notified of your facility's certification eligibility by the accrediting body.

Reaccreditation Application

Accreditation is valid for a three year period. Approximately 6 months prior to the certificate expiration date, facilities will begin the reaccreditation process.

  • Complete a Reaccreditation Application.
  • Submit phantom image(s) and clinical images for review.

The Evaluation Criteria for Facility Selected Clinical Image Review document outlines the basic criteria for selection of the images to be submitted for the clinical image review. This document must be signed and submitted with the clinical images submitted.