Board Meeting

Local boards of health have responsibility for public health in their jurisdiction. They support local public health vision, mission, and advocacy and encourage community involvement in setting public health priorities. In addition, local boards of health have been given the responsibility to oversee utilization of the Local Public Health Services Contract.

Serving on a local board of health is an honorable and noteworthy task. The success of public health in meeting the challenges of the new millennium will depend on capable and dedicated leadership by the local boards of health.

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Iowa Public Health Leadership Academy

The Iowa Public Health Leadership Academy, a collaborative effort between the University of Iowa College of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Public Health, provides information and training to Board of Health and Board of Supervisors members to assist them in effectively meeting the requirements of their roles at the local level. 

In its inaugural year, the Academy hosted six webinars on various public health topics. After year one’s success, the Academy will continue for a second year. This year there will be four sessions that take place between May - August 2021.

For more information about the academy, or to view recorded trainings, please visit Iowa Public Health Leadership Academy Curriculum. Please contact Erin Taber at erin-taber@uiowa.edu with any questions or concerns.