Central Data Repository (CDR)

The IDPH Central Data Repository (CDR) is a data warehouse that contains all state-required substance abuse treatment data elements and allows for electronic submission of the data. The data submitted to the CDR comes from two primary sources:
  • Data uploaded from I-SMART.
  • Data received from provider electronic health records.
The CDR is comprised of five tables that contain the required Federal (Treatment Episode Data Set, National Outcome Measures) and State substance use disorder treatment data.   
  • Client Profile:  This table contains client demographic Information.
  • Admission:  This table contains Crisis Intervention, Placement Screening/OWI and Admission activity data.
  • Services:  This table contains data on the  treatment services provided to a client, including ancillary services.
  • Discharge: This table contains data collected when the client is discharged from services.
  • Follow-up - The table contains data collected during a follow-up interview collected post discharge (optional)
Below is the documentation for submitting client level substance use disorder treatment data from an electronic health record to the CDR.

Help Desk

IDPH offers a Help Desk to answer questions and provide assistance on data reporting requirements and the data system. The Help Desk can be reached via phone at 866-339-7913 (toll free), 515-725-2950 (local), or via email at ismart.helpdesk@idph.iowa.gov

Help Desk hours are M-F from 9-4 (excluding holidays). Help Desk calls are automatically answered with messages transcribed and sent to the help desk email. When leaving a message, please speak slowly and clearly to ensure an accurate transcription is made. Please include your name, agency, phone number, best time to be reached, and the nature of the assistance needed. Help Desk personnel will respond to your request as soon as possible (which may be the next business day if leaving a message between 4 PM-9AM M-F).  

GovDelivery E-Mail Subscriptions

In an effort to streamline Help Desk communication, we have implemented the GovDelivery email subscription service.   

Please direct questions regarding the Help Desk or GovDelivery subscription services to ismart.helpdesk@idph.iowa.gov or call 866-339-7913 (toll free) or 515-725-2950 (local).