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The mission of the TB Control Program is to eliminate TB disease in Iowa. The TB Control Program collaborates with clinicians and local public health agencies (LPHAs) to minimize the spread of TB in Iowa by promoting effective diagnosis and treatment for persons afflicted with TB infection or disease.

The TB Control Program makes progress towards this mission by:

  • Collect, analyze and report surveillance data
  • Develop effective TB control policies
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance to LPHAs and clinical providers
  • Provide case management oversight of active TB disease cases to ensure appropriate treatment completion, and thorough contact investigations of infectious cases of TB disease
  • Provide TB medications and approved treatment regimens for all persons afflicted with TB infection or disease
  • Coordinate services for refugees and immigrants who enter Iowa with a history of TB infection or disease to ensure they receive clinically appropriate treatment

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TB Control Program Annual Report

The purpose of the TB Control Program Annual Report is to provide a summary of TB in Iowa and the activities and achievements of the TB Control Program and our partners during the calendar year. The report provides Iowa-specific TB rates, funding sources, and program-specific data. The annual report will serve as an informational resource for stakeholders, local partners, policy makers and the general public.

Contact Information:

Allan Lynch
Iowa TB Control Manager
(515) 281-7504

Shirlee Hasstedt
TB Nurse Consultant
(515) 281-8636

TB Program FAX: (515) 281-4570

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