Treatment and Recovery Support Services

The Iowa Gambling Treatment Program (IGTP) funds problem gambling treatment and recovery support services covering all 99 counties in Iowa.  For more information about the Problem Gambling Treatment and Recovery Support Services offered through the Iowa Gambling Treatment Program, send us a message through our Contact Us system.  To find treatment near you, click here.

Clinician Resources

Client Services Agreement (HFS)  

Digital Communication Policy (HFS)  

Distance Treatment - Clinical Manual, Checklist, and Q&A (2008)

Gambling Pathways Questionnaire (2016)

Gambling Problems: An introduction for Behavioral Health Services Providers (SAMHSA)  

Getting Real about Problem Gambling - How the ASAM Can Help (Mee-Lee)

Individualized Treatment for Problem Gamblers (Therapist Manual - UCLA)

MultiCultural Services Centre (Australia - problem gambling brochure in various languages)

Multi-lingual Wiki of Problem Gambling Resources  

Problem Gambling Toolkit (SAMHSA)

Problem Gambling - A Guide for Parents (Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario) 

TIP 60: Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools (SAMHSA)

What Clinicians Need to Know about Gambling Disorders (NCRG)  

Financial Tools

Barriers Against Money Triggers

Debt Snapshot 

Pay Your Monthly Bills  

Personal Financial Strategies for the Loved Ones of Problem Gamblers 

Problem Gamblers and Their Finances: A Guide for Treatment Professionals 

Questions about Life and Money  

Self Test For Financial Troubles  

Snapshot: Your Average Month  

Take Control of Issues Arising from Problem Gambling (Singapore)

IGTP Data Entry

IGTP Data Integrity Reports Manual (September 2018) 

I-SMART Claim Reconciliation Training (August 2016)

I-SMART Data Entry Matrix

I-SMART Problem Gambling  Domain Data Entry Forms (May 2018) 

I-SMART Problem Gambling Domain Data Entry User Guide and Manual (March 2017)

I-SMART Problem Gambling Domain Training (March 2016)

I-SMART Problem Gambling Domain - Voucher Management System User Guide (December 2017) 

SFY 2019 I-SMART Monthly Claim Adjudication Dates for Iowa Grants Claim Submission (July 2018) 

I-SMART Problem Gambling Domain VMS Training (August 2016)

Recovery Support Services

Screening Tools

DG-SPS (Disordered Gambler SBIRT Pre-Screen and Screen)

e-Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (22 languages)  

Workbooks and Activities

Choices: A Guide to Understanding and Changing Problem Gambling Behavior  

Choices - Forensic Presentation

Eight Gifts for Less than a Penny  

Mindful Steps to Forgiveness (Lori Rugle, PhD, NCGCII)  

New Problem Gambling Self-help Tools in French, Spanish, Polish and Chinese (Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario)  

Problem Gambling and Effects on the Spouse (Wexler)

The ACTION CYCLE of Compulsive Gambling  

Your First Step to Change: Gambling (provided by the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling)