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The Iowa Department of Public Health's Sexually Transmitted Disease Program works to mitigate the effects of sexually transmitted diseases among Iowans. In a rural state like Iowa, the STD Program must partner with other groups, agencies, and organizations for the delivery of information and services. The STD Program has established 58 provider sites for gonorrhea and chlamydia testing and treatment. The combination of local health departments and a network of local medical providers are the system that controls these diseases.

In the State of Iowa, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and AIDS are reportable to the Iowa Department of Public Health. By Iowa Code, both the clinician who ordered the test and the laboratory that processed the specimen are to report names and other patient demographics to IDPH. This information is protected by law and cannot be released to anyone other than individuals (disease intervention specialists and county public health communicable disease investigators) who perform partner notification and partner referral. In Iowa, by law, a minor can be tested and treated for a sexually transmitted disease without parental consent.

The reporting form for providers or clinics to report chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis diagnoses can be found below. There are standard and fillable PDF versions.

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Contact Information

Randy Mayer, Bureau Chief  515-242-5150
George Walton, Program Manager  515-240-1143
Kelli Campbell, STD Data Analyst  515-321-9271
Jo Mostrom, STD Treatment and Data Assurance Specialist  515-281-7709
Katy Hernandez, STD Data Coordinator  515-281-3031
STD Program fax number  515-725-1278

Partner Services Field Staff

Shannon Wood, Disease Intervention Specialist, Lead 515-783-4079
Nellie Burk, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-218-3299
Jorge Calderon, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-322-1882
Mary Costello, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-783-4078
Lexie Hach, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-401-6420
Sydni Hilton, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-443-6458
Jodie Liebe, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-783-4076
Gina Mallett, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-783-4086
Laccie Marvin, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-322-1664
Linda McQuinn, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-782-6473
Annie Rodruck, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-204-8773
Matt Sanford, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-305-0645
Jennie Wonderlin, Disease Intervention Specialist 515-201-3525