Bureau of HIV, STD, and Hepatitis


Mission Statement

Promoting and protecting the health of Iowans at risk of or infected with HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, and/or viral hepatitis.

Vision Statement

Healthy Iowans living in healthy communities.

The Bureau of HIV, STD, and Hepatitis works to reduce the impact of communicable diseases in Iowa and to eliminate the morbidity associated with these diseases. Prevention and care services target chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis A, B, and C. Programs within the bureau guide community-based prevention planning, monitor current infectious disease trends, prevent transmission of infectious diseases, provide hepatitis A and B immunizations for adults, provide early detection and treatment for infected persons, and ensure access to health care persons in Iowa. Staff from the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), HIV/AIDS, and Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Programs partner with local public health departments, private health care agencies, disease prevention specialists, and community-based organizations to interrupt the disease transmission process and provide access to testing, treatment, immunizations, and prevention programs. 


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Bureau Contact Information

Bureau Chief
Randy Mayer 515-242-5150  
Contracts and Budgets
Name Phone  
Karen Quinn, Contract and Budget Specialist 515-281-6801  
HIV and Hepatitis Prevention Program
Name Phone  
Patricia Young, Program Manager 515-242-5838  
Cody Shafer, EIS/PrEP Coordinator 515-443-0341  
Cristie Duric, Evaluation Coordinator 515-473-0176  
STD Program
Name Phone  
George Walton, Program Manager 515-281-4936  
Kelli Campbell, PCSI Data Analyst 515-281-4571  
Jo Mostrom, STD Treatment and Data Assurance Specialist 515-281-3031  
Amanda Casson, STD Data Coordinator 515-314-1690   
Colleen Bornmueller, CBSS Coordinator 515-288-9028 Ext 15  
Disease Intervention Specialists (Field Staff)
Shannon Wood, Lead, Iowa City 319-358-1834  
Mary Costello, Davenport 563-326-8216  
Jodie Liebe, Sioux City 712-234-3926  
Gina Mallett, Waterloo 319-292-2235  
Linda McQuinn, Council Bluffs 712-328-3194  
Maggi Vodraska, Des Moines 515-281-6087  
Casey Young, Des Moines 515-725-2680  
Data Program
Name Phone  
Nicole Kolm-Valdivia, Program Manager 515-281-6974  
Shane Scharer, Hepatitis Data Coordinator 515-281-5027  
Alagie Jatta, HIV Surveillance Coordinator 515-281-6918  
Jessica Morris, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Epidemiologist  515-242-5141  
Ryan White HIV Care Program 
Name Phone  
Holly Hanson, Program Manager 515-242-5316  
Elizabeth (Biz) McChesney, Client Services Coordinator 515-242-5149  
Casey Ward, Client Services Specialist 515-381-9185  
Meredith Heckmann, ADAP Coordinator 515-725-2011  
Katie Herting, Quality Coordinator 515-281-4775  
Francisco (Bobby) Barcelo, Benefits and Enrollment Specialist 515-240-2862  
Lora Kracht, Trauma-Informed Prevention and Care Coordinator 515-381-9182  
Joe Caldwell, HIV and Substance Use Coordinator 515-326-4955  
Jamesetta Mator, Health Equity Coordinator 515-326-4678  
Jenna Sheldon, Communications Coordinator 515-401-4012  
Rural Outreach Liaisons (Field Staff)
Lexie Hach, Ottumwa 515-401-6420  
Darla Peterson, Storm Lake 515-401-7114  
Kathy Dooley, Marshalltown 515-601-0143  
Mary Hightower, Burlington 515-601-0142  
Kate Hoskins, Clinton 515-829-0226  
Effie Hill, Fort Dodge 515-314-2337  


"This site contains HIV prevention messages that may not be appropriate for all audiences.”