Collaborative Service Areas (CSAs) for

WIC, MCAH, I-Smile, Family Planning, and 1st Five 



CSA Draft Map 8-6-21

In an effort to  best align and deliver services for WIC, Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MCAH), I-Smile™, 1st Five, and Family Planning (Title X) clients, with the input of stakeholders, Iowa HHS has implemented  collaborative service areas (CSA) for these five programs. The CSAs seek to foster local collaboration, allow for consistency between contractors, foster stronger partnerships, decrease fragmentation, provide space for contractors to meet the needs of the clients living within the CSA, and allow for the best use of resources achieving improved health outcomes for the populations being served. This has been a multi-year effort to ensure access to services across Iowa.

Funding Awards

Awards are determined through a competitive procurement process. Funding awards for the CSAs are posted to the Department’s funding opportunities page for a limited time following the posting, then available by request to the program. 

CSA Development 

The development of CSAs began in 2020, culminating in the map being finalized in 2022 with the posting of the Request for Proposal. Legacy IDPH - HPCDP Division developed the CSAs with intensive review of programs and population data, RFI responses, and input from stakeholders. 

Click the following links for current information on the programs included in the proposed CSAs: