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The Bureau of Family Health promotes the health of Iowa families by providing resources for health care services through public and private collaborative efforts. We advocate for services that are family-centered, community-based, and culturally sensitive. Through these efforts, community entities are empowered to develop local health care systems that meet present and future health needs.

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Request for Public Input on Maternal & Child Health Goals and Activities

Officials with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) are seeking comments from the public regarding the federal grant that provides important health services to mothers and children.

Comments must be received by August 16, 2021

What are Iowa's Title V Priorities, Needs, and Proposed Activities?

The Title V Block Grant is a federal-state partnership to address eight National Performance Measures (NPMs) and seven State Performance Measures (SPMs). The following documents contain the draft, proposed NPM and SPM plans for federal fiscal year 2022 this information as well as data charts is included in the Google Form used to collect comments:

You can make a difference in the health of women, children, and families!

One requirement of the Title V Block Grant is to gain public input concerning priorities, needs, and proposed program activities. State priorities were chosen for the five year grant period based on the 2021 Title V Needs Assessment. Your input is important at all times to help IDPH understand how well programs are working.

Whether you want to comment specifically on the Title V Block Grant and the state's activities related to that or you want to comment more generally on the needs of children and families, your interest and willingness to provide input is appreciated. Note that when comments are reported, they are summarized so that people making them are not identified.

This year, IDPH will be utilizing Google Forms to collect feedback related to the plans. In the online survey:

  • If you are responding to a specific measure or priority from the MCH Block Grant, please use the comment section for the specific NPM or SPM.
  • If you have a general comment, concern, resource, or idea to which you want to draw our attention, use the general comments/question area at the end of the survey.
  • If you don't have any comments or questions, please still complete the survey by selecting the option that you have no comments for NPMs and SPMs for Title V staff to be able to measure the reach of this survey.

Please click here to complete the Google Form. 


Toll Free Telephone Lines

The Bureau supports three toll free telephone lines providing information and referral services. They are:

  • Provider Services Line - 1-800-383-3826 (used by local contract agencies, physicians and other private providers, and consumers)
  • Healthy Families Line - 1-800-369-2229 (provides information on maternal, child and family planning services)
  • TEEN Line - 1-800-443-8336 (provides health information and referral to local resources for adolescents)

You may "Contact Us" to submit questions online.