Legislative Communications Toolkit

Policy-makers have the scissors to the red tape and access to the resources that public health needs in order to positively impact the health of the population. By building relationships and working together, public health professionals and elected and appointed officials can effectively protect and improve the health of Iowans.

 Effective collaboration can only happen when there are open communication channels. Let’s be honest though, relationships take time and effort. This toolkit makes effective communication easy and straightforward. The plan is adaptable to community needs and can be supplemented with local materials.

Executive Summary

  • Provides a guide to engaging legislators and includes suggested messaging. Explains the difference between advocacy and lobbying and a list of appropriate “asks”.

Legislative Engagement Planning Tool

  • Communication is at the heart of building relationships with elected and appointed officials. This worksheet will help you develop a strong communication plan. (Referenced on page 9 of the Executive Summary).

A Day as Told by Public Health

  • A one-pager that illustrates the interaction between a person and the daily public health interventions working behind the scenes in their lives. (Referenced on pages 5 and 9 of the Executive Summary).

Public Health Fact Sheet

  • A one-pager that describes the actions that public health excels at. Adopted from the National Association of County and City Health Officials. (Referenced on page 9 of the Executive Summary).

Seven Connections in Seven Ways

  • It’s often expressed that it takes seven connections in seven ways to build relationships. This document provides seven ideas to help with that challenge.

Community Health Needs Assessment Issue Brief

  • Describes Iowa’s top ten health issues as outlined by the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment.

Community Health Needs Assessment Budget Report

  • Analyzes the top health issues in Iowa and the state legislative investment in each.