Disability and Health Surveillance

Disability affects Iowans of all ages, regardless of race/ethnicity and socio-economic status. Using data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and the American Community Survey (ACS), IDPH routinely monitors and reports on the health status of people with disabilities. These reports highlight the need for public health efforts to improve the health of Iowans with disabilities.  

Many Iowa residents with disabilities have lower educational attainment, higher rates of unemployment and lower earnings from work than their counterparts without disabilities.  Iowans with disabilities are more likely to experience problems with weight, limited physical activity, co-morbidity conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke, and report fair or poor health.  The Disability and Health Program staff can provide information and technical support to health and disability professionals across Iowa to implement strategies to improve the health status and overall well-being of Iowans with disabilities.