County Reporting 

This page provides an overview of the CHA CHIP process and reporting timelines for local public health. It is important to note that the CHA CHIP program is currently being redeveloped - more information and resources to come!

What is a CHA CHIP and how do I get started?

A CHA CHIP is a community-wide process for identifying the most important factors affecting health in the community and developing a plan to improve health by building on community strengths and working on gaps. 


When is the next CHA CHIP due?

Community Health Assessment

Your CHA report should include:

  • CHA Process: How did you conduct your assessment? What process did you use? What primary data did you collect?
  • Community profile: Who lives in your county - what are the demographics?  What is the morbidity and mortality for the county? What disparities exist? What positively or negatively impacts the health of your community?
  • Top issues: What were the top issues your community identified and why?

Community Health Improvement Plan

Your CHIP report should include:

  • CHIP process: Who was involved? How was the community engaged? How were goals and strategies identified?
  • Priorities, goals, objectives, and strategies: Identify your priorities and the goals, objectives, strategies, and responsible parties for each strategy.


All reports should be emailed to cha-chip@idph.iowa.gov

Page last updated: May 10, 2022. 

Content source: Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Public Health Performance

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