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Cervical Cancer Resources




In August 2014, the National Institutes of Health released a publication on changes related to cervical cancer. This booklet contains screening information, follow-up guidance for abnormal Pap test results, and next steps for cervical cancer treatments. You may find this booklet helpful in your role as a care coordinator.

Smoking Cessation  

General Fax Form (Tailored for the CFY program) PDF - This form is for any Iowan that wants to enroll in Quitline Iowa via a fax referral. Have the patient fill out the patient portion, the clinic fill out the clinic portion, and then fax the completed form to 1.800.261.6259.

IDPH Tobacco Prevention Items Order Form PDF - Order forms can be faxed to 515.281.6475 or emailed to TobContactUs@idph.iowa.gov

Quitline offers two online trainings at their website: https://quitlogixeducation.org/iowa/

  • Quitline 101: This module reviews the services offered by Quitline Iowa, what to expect when referring patients, and resources available to both patients and providers. 
  • Addressing Tobacco Use Using the AAR Method: This module explores the Ask, Advise, and Refer tobacco cessation intervention. CMEs and CEUs are available upon completing this module.
  • You may order Quitline Iowa materials. An order form and instructions are available at the Division of Tobacco Use Prevention & Control website.

Additional Quitline Information

  • 5 Call Program
    • One intake call
    • Up to five coaching calls (outbound at time scheduled with the participant)
    • Unlimited inbound calls for support
    • Text and e-mail support available to all callers
    • Unlimited enrollments in coaching allowed in a year
    • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Available---if eligible
      • Only for Uninsured and Medicare (eight weeks in the form of patches, gum, or lozenges)
      • If insured by an MCO, contact the MCO for medications
      • Medicaid Fee for Service 
      • Phone and web services available to everyone
    • Pregnancy & Postpartum Protocol
      • Dedicated female coach with nine coaching calls
    • American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program (AICTP)
      • American Indian Dedicated Coaches
      • 10 coaching calls

American Cancer Society 

The American Cancer Society (ACS) offers services and information that can help patients find information and resources while coping with a cancer diagnosis. ACS has created patient referral forms specifically for Care for Yourself Programs. These forms can be faxed or emailed directly to ACS. 

Please note the Road to Recover Program (rides/transportation) is currently “on pause” due to Covid-19.  The Iowa City Hope Lodge isn’t currently accepting patients, due to patient and volunteer safety issues related to COVID-19.  ACS hopes to have these services resume sometime in 2021.