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Certificate of Need is a regulatory review process that requires application to the Department of Public Health for and receipt of a certificate of need prior to the offering or development of a new or changed institutional health service. Potential applicants include hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient surgery centers or anyone purchasing medical equipment valued above $1.5 million. Projects proposed by providers are reviewed by department staff and the State Health Facilities Council against the criteria specified in the law.

The State Health Facilities Council is a five-member body appointed by the governor and confirmed by the State Senate. Members are appointed to a six-year term. Authority for the State Health Facilities Council is contained in the Code of Iowa Chapter 135.61-.83. The responsibility for providing administrative support for the Council rests with the Iowa Department of Public Health. It is the Council's mandate to assure that growth and changes in the heath care system occur in an orderly, cost-effective manner and that the system is adequate and efficient.

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