Brain Injury Surveillance and Reporting

Brain Injury Registry

The Iowa Department of Public Health maintains a central registry for brain injuries.  Information from the registry is used to conduct outreach activities with the goal of increasing access to services and supports following a brain injury.  Quarterly, the Brain Injury Services Program sends letters to survivors of brain injury to inform them of a free, statewide program, Neuro-Resource Facilitation, which may help them to access services/supports in their area.  

To speak to a neuro-resource facilitator, please call the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa at 1-855-444-6443 or email info@biaia.org.

Data and Surveillance

To better understand how brain injury impacts Iowans, the Brain Injury Services Program routinely conducts surveillance activities. Findings are published in fact sheets, surveillance reports, and/or data briefs.  

Iowa Special Emphasis Report: Traumatic Brain Injury (2014)  PDF

TBI in Iowa (2016 brief)  PDF

Traumatic Brain Injury in Iowa, 2011-2015   PDF

Statewide Brain Injury Needs Assessment

Through contracts with the Iowa Association of Community Providers and the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa, the Brain Injury Services Program and the Advisory Council on Brain Injuries conduct statewide needs assessments to learn more about the needs of Iowans and the professionals who support them.  In 2017, program staff conducted listening sessions across Iowa to gather input as well. This information is then used to develop Iowa's State Plan for Brain Injury and to guide the work of the program.  To view the state plan, please visit the Advisory Council on Brain Injuries page.

2019 Needs Assessment Report (Quester, via Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa) PDF

2017 Annual Needs Assessment Report (Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa) PDF

2015 Brain Injury Provider Survey (Iowa Association of Community Providers) PDF

2017 Brain Injury Listening Sessions summary report PDF


For more information contact the Council's staff: Maggie Ferguson, Brain Injury Program Manager, at (515) 281-8465