Iowa Brain Injury Resource Network 

The Iowa Brain Injury Resource Network (IBIRN) is made up of locations across the state which have expressed a commitment to support individuals with brain injury.  There are 3 components of the IBIRN:

  1. Tote Bag Program:  All members of the IBIRN help to distribute brain injury informational kits, commonly referred to as the "brain injury tote bag"
  2. Support Group:  Support groups for survivors of brain injuries and/or their caregivers are offered at various site across Iowa, including one virtual/online support group.  These groups may provide structured facilitation for sharing among peers and some may provide recreational or socialization opportunities.
  3. Neuro-Resource Facilitation: This phone based service which offers individuals and families support in coping with the issues of living with brain injury and transition back to work and the community. The Iowa Department of Public Health currently contracts with the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa to provide statewide Neuro-Resource Facilitation.  Support is provided in a variety of forms, including:
    • Providing brain injury specific information, and resources;
    • Linking callers to appropriate supports, services, and community resources;
    • Providing education and case consultation;
    • Advocating for individual and assisting with accessing, securing, and maximizing funding, both private and public.

Iowa Brain Injury Network recruitment flyer  PDF

Neuro-Resource Facilitation informational flyer for patients/clients  pdf