Concussion Awareness and Management - School Physical Team

The School Physical Team is the individuals at the school who will watch, monitor, and track the physical symptoms of the concussion.  The following content may be especially relevant to members of the School Physical Team; however, you may wish to review content available on the other team pages as well.


References for Return-to-Play  

For information about Return to Learn, please visit the School Academic Team page

2018 Iowa Concussion Law  PDF

State of Iowa Return to Play Protocol (Administrative Rules, chapter 54)

IHSAA/IGHSAU Concussion Management Protocol


Handouts and Forms

Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE) Form - School Version PDF

Concussion Recognition Tool 5 PDF 

Concussion Symptom Checklist 

IAHSAA/IGHSAU annual concussion fact sheet to be signed annually by families and their student athletes (adapted from CDC HEADS UP)

Medical Release for Return to Athletic Participation following an injury or concussion


Educational Videos

National Federation of State High School Associations’ Concussion in Sports video (required for coaches, and available in spanish)


Other Information

HeadStrong Concussion Insurance program (free coverage for IHSAA covered student athletes)

HeadStrong Concussion Insurance program (free coverage for IGHSAU covered student athletes)

2016 Berlin Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport PDF