Iowa Gets Smart – Know When Antibiotics Work (Parents and Educators)

The "Iowa Gets Smart-Know When Antibiotics Work" curriculum was developed for school nurses. The materials target parents of school-aged children 14 and younger, with the intent of improving their knowledge on appropriate antibiotic use. These materials have been shown to increase awareness among parents that antibiotics are ineffective in the treatment of most ear infections, colds, influenza and other viral illnesses.

Fact Sheets (English)

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Iowa Gets Smart Curriculum

Binder Components

Tab 1 – Introduction

Tab 2 – Curriculum

Tab 3 – Additional IDPH fact sheets

Tab 4 – Additional cold, cough, and sinus

Tab 5 – Additional ear infection

Tab 6 – Additional sore throat

Tab 7 – Second hand smoke

Tab 8 – Proper antibiotic use

Tab 9 – Antibiotic resistance

Tab 10 – IARTF report