Adult and Child Mandatory Reporter Training

The Iowa Administrative Rules, Chapter 93, designates the Iowa Department of Public Health to "review and approve mandatory reporter training curricula for those persons who work in a position classification that under law makes the persons mandatory reporters of child or dependent adult abuse and the position classification does not have a mandatory reporter training curriculum approved by a licensing or examining board." (The 2001 code language mandating an abuse education review panel was revised effective 2014).  The purpose of the review process is to provide an objective method by which child and dependent adult abuse mandatory reporter curricula are reviewed and approved.  For questions about this legislation, please contact Karin Ford, at (515)242-6336 or use the "Contact Us" page.

It is the trainers' responsibility to stay current with changes to the applicable Iowa Codes and Administrative Rules, to update staff and training attendees on the changes, and to renew the curriculum approval every 3 (three) years with the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Approved curriculum

New laws for Dependent Adult

New laws for Child Abuse

New laws for Child Abuse

NOTE:  IDPH does not keep any training certificates of training. If you are needing a copy of your training certificate contact the training provider.