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IDPH Research Agenda - Childhood Obesity

childhood obesity

About this Topic: IDPH has identified obesity as a key priority in both the Healthy Iowans plan, and the IDPH Strategic Plan. The Department recognizes that life course approaches, which address health through the various stages of life including maternity, infancy, early and middle childhood, adolescence, early and middle adulthood, and older adulthood, are necessary to stem the growing obesity problem in Iowa. Funds have been earmarked for childhood obesity interventions, and innovative and timely research will help to inform Department activities related to these funds.

Research Questions:

  1. What established and new measures based on current IDPH data provide the most valid, reliable, and feasible indicators of childhood obesity risk factors attributable to public health interventions?
  2. What strategies are more effective in enhancing the adoption and diffusion of behaviors that promote healthy weight in childhood, specifically in low-income and rural areas of Iowa?
  3. How do patterns of interaction within Iowa’s health, education, and social service delivery systems impact the effectiveness, efficiency, and outcomes of public health strategies to reduce obesity and promote healthy weight in childhood?

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