Board of Social Work - Apply, Renew and Reactivate

Application Process

The documents below explain the required steps to complete the application process.  While the process has several steps many of the requirements can be done simultaneously.

The rules below describe the application process for Social Workers.

Scroll down in the Fees Rules to the name of this board to find the application fee

The following forms are for individuals applying for an Iowa license to practice Social Work. Read the instructions on the application form carefully and review the checklist at the end to ensure all requirements for licensure are submitted. Items not submitted by the appropriate source may delay the licensure process.

Please Note: An application for a higher level of licensure does not relieve the social worker of the renewal or reactivation requirements. A social worker applying for a higher level shall renew the license that is held at the current level at the time of the renewal.

New Rules: Effective July 1, 2013 a master's level social worker who starts a supervised professional practice working towards independent level licensure will need to have a supervision plan on file with the Board prior to starting their supervised professional practice.