Board of Hearing Aid Specialists - Laws & Rules

Notice of Intent ARC 5554C Hearing Aid Specialists—Telehealth Appointments, 123.4(1)“g,” 123.5


PUBLIC HEARING set for April 28, 2021 from 8:30 to 9 a.m.

Option 1: Join Webex hearing on www.webex.com, click “JOIN,” then enter the following information: Meeting ID Number: 1463706783 Password: fEu34rv$ 
Option 2: Join by video system: 1463706783@webex.com 
Option 3: Join by phone: +1 408.418.9388 (toll) Access code: 146 370 678 3 


Laws are contained in the Iowa Code. They are enacted by the Iowa Legislature and provide statutory authority to the professional licensure boards.

Administrative Rules

The professional licensure boards adopt rules to interpret and implement the Iowa Code. Administrative rules have the force and effect of law.

Petition for Waiver

The process for seeking a waiver from an administrative rule and the standards under which the petition will be evaluated are described in Chapter 18.


Waivers Granted

Iowa Administrative Code rule 645-121.3(1) “a” governing supervision of temporary permit holdersPDF


Laws Common to all Professional Licensure Boards

The following laws apply to all professional licensure boards.

Rules Common to all Professional Licensure Boards

The following rules apply to all professional licensure boards.

Administrative Bulletin

Published noticed and adopted administrative rules. Within the noticed preamble there is a description on when public hearings will occur and the time frame for public comment.