Iowa Newborn Screening Program

Newborn screening is used in Iowa to detect certain genetic and inherited conditions by collecting drops of blood from the baby’s heel shortly after birth. 

The newborn screening specimen should be collected at 24 to 48 hours after birth. The specimen should then be sent to the State Hygienic Laboratory within 24 hours of collection, using the state-provided courier service. It is imperative that if a re-screen is necessary it is done promptly, as many of these disorders can cause damage in a short period of time. Newborn screening tests are not diagnostic! The possibility of a false negative or false positive result must always be considered.

For questions relating to the transport of newborn screening dried blood spot cards please contact the Newborn Screening Program at the State Hygienic Laboratory at 515-725-1630.


Iowa Newborn Screening Program Practitioner's Manual 

Click here for the Iowa Newborn Screening Program Practitioner's Manual


Revised Newborn Screening Dried Blood Spot Collection Form March 2017

The Iowa Newborn Screening Dried Blood Spot Collection Forms have been revised.

Please review the information below to view an educational webinar and slides about the revisions.

Link to Educational Webinar Video-click here


PowerPoint Slides-click here