CoIIN Project

Iowa’s Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) Project to Improve Timeliness in Newborn Screening

The Iowa Newborn Screening Program (INSP) is working with its newborn screening partners to improve the timeliness of newborn screening. Iowa already has the best rate in the nation for the time it takes to collect the blood spot specimen from the newborn to the time the INSP reports out the results of the screening testing. We want to do better.

Why is this important?

The sooner a baby can be identified as potentially having an inherited condition through the newborn screening, the sooner they can receive care to address the condition and ensure the baby has the best life it can. 

Some of the conditions we screen for are considered "time critical" conditions. These are inherited conditions that if not detected and treated quickly, could cause major harm or even death for the baby. Every hour counts when dealing with time critical conditions. 

The INSP has a set a goal to have at least 95 percent of newborn blood spot specimens received by the State Hygienic Laboratory for testing within 65 hours from the birth of the baby. 

This is a lofty target, but several Iowa hospitals are already meeting this goal. The Iowa CoIIN project will be providing infographic reports to all hospitals that care for newborns that describe their status toward meeting this goal. Click here for a sample of an infographic report. This report also shows how the hospital is doing compared to the state average, and how it compares to other birthing hospitals. 

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting project.