Community Engagement Event

Iowans to discuss and share recommendations for the future of the Iowa Newborn Screening Program

There’s been pressure nationally for states to screen newborns for more inherited conditions. Because of this, the Iowa Department of Public Health is recruiting a group of Iowans to discuss the future of the Newborn Screening Program. 

The diverse group of Iowans chosen will be part a public discussion, known as a Community Engagement Event.  Participants will discuss ethics, health, and genetics.  The event will take place over two days (Saturday-Sunday) on April 7-8, 2018.  




Iowans chosen to attend the event receive:

  • $300 stipend
  • Free hotel stay in Des Moines during the event
  • Free food during the event
  • Transportation and meal reimbursement (to and from the event)
  • A chance to impact Iowa’s laws around newborn screening


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