Mandatory Blood Lead Testing

A 2008 Iowa law requires that each child entering kindergarten must have received at least one blood lead test.  Every fall the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) requests a list of students enrolled in kindergarten from school officials.  This list of students is compared with the IDPH database of blood lead test results.  IDPH provides the schools with the names of children who, according to the database, have not received a blood lead test. The schools then send a note to the parents of each child without a blood lead test result in the database. The Iowa Code states no kindergartner will be kept out of school if they did not have a blood lead test. 

The following documents provide additional information and instruction for school officials. 

Summary of the school-lead data matching from school years 2016 to 2020:

Learn how mandatory blood lead testing is a matter of health equity for children:

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Exemptions for Mandatory Blood Lead Testing

Information on Mandatory Blood Lead Testing during Kindergarten Enrollment

The parent information sheet provides information about the importance of testing for lead and the steps that parents need to follow to complete this requirement before the starting of the school year. 

Memorandum to Inform Parents About Lead Results (Will be available Mid-January 2022)

The following memorandums can be used by school nurses to send to parents or guardians notifying them that their child may not have received a blood lead test according to records at the Iowa Department of Public Health.

English Version: Memorandum to Parents (English) 

Spanish Version: Memorandum to Parents (Spanish)

Arabic Version: Memorandum to Parents (Arabic)

French Version: Memorandum to Parents (French)

Laotian Version: Memorandum to Parents (Laotian)

Swahili Version: Memorandum to Parents (Swahili)

The following document provides a summary of results from the 2019-2020 school match.