IBHRS Documentation 

Submission Guide and Vocabulary 

IBHRS Submission Guide 

The IBHRS Provider Submission Guide documents the technical requirements for submitting data into IBHRS, including information on file processing and formatting, the submission process, and technical details of the fields, forms, and business and validation rules of IBHRS. This Submission Guide will be finalized once the Department has granted final approval to the data structures of IBHRS. In addition to the Submission Guide, FEI will provide an XSD file that describes its fields and structures – a technical template for validating an XML file, and example XML files that providers can reference as they work with their EHR systems to develop their own XML files. 

IBHRS Vocabulary (v1.0.4)   (August 9, 2021)

The IBHRS Vocabulary  is to be used in conjunction with the IBHRS Provider Submission Guide. IBHRS uses a vocabulary system to control the allowed values for each field that requires a specific code value.. For diagnosis, IBHRS supports the ICD-10 code system, and submitters are required to submit valid codes from the ICD-10 code system directly. For technical assistance on the IBHRS Vocabulary, please email SAPGData@idph.iowa.gov.

Technical Documentation 

XML Schema and Examples

XML Schema Definition (XSD) and XML Examples for the Client Data Set 

XML Schema Definition (XSD) and XML Examples for the Treatment Episode Data Set 

XML Schema Definition (XSD) and XML Examples for the Service Event Data Set 

XML Quick Reference Guide 

 Site Source Identifier 

A Source Record Identifier (SRI) is a unique identifier for a record. It cannot be changed and is used to relate records to each other. In many cases, SRIs may be used as a Key Field to determine whether a submission is a new record or an update to an existing record.

The Provider SRI is the unique identifier for a Provider Agency. The Provider Site SRI is the unique identifier for each Facility within a Provider Agency. These values are used to tie Clients, Treatment Episodes, and Service Events back to the correct Agency and Facility where treatment was provided.

List of Provider Source Record Identifiers 

LIst of Provider Source Record Identifiers - Excel Format 

IBHRS Data Set Diagrams

The IBHRS Diagrams offer a visual representation of the fields that will be reported to IBHRS within each data set (Client, Treatment Episode, and Service Event). These fields are further defined within the Submission Guide.

IBHRS Client Data Set Diagram 

IBHRS Service Event Data Set Diagram 

IBHRS Treatment Episode Data Set Diagram 

IBHRS All Data Sets 

IBHRS Data Entry Forms 

IBHRS Client Data Entry Form 

IBHRS Service Event Data Entry Form 

IBHRS Treatment Episode Data Entry Form 

IBHRS Data Entry Vocabulary Key  (Revised July 21, 2021)

The Vocabulary Key is intended to serve as a supplement to the IBHRS Data Entry Forms to aid with data collection. This key lists out response options for IBHRS data fields that have more than ten options. These are not listed on the Data Entry Forms to make the forms shorter and easier to navigate.

IPN 837P Support Documentation 

IPN H837 Companion Guide  (Revised June 27, 2021)

The H837 Companion Guide is available to those provider organizations who need to submit claim information to IBHRS from their own EHR system. The Companion Guide includes the format and specifications applicable to the accepted IBHRS version of the H837 file.

Unit Rates Table  

The Unit Rates Table (Appendix J v2) contains the IDPH Unit Rates, IBHRS Concept Code (IBHRS Reporting), Service Procedure Description and Procedure Code (used for 837P process) for use by the Integrated Provider Network for the reimbursement of IDPH funded problem gambling and substance use disorder treatment services.

Onboarding and Certification 

IBHRS Provider Agency Onboarding and Certification Guide   (Revised September 30, 2021)

The IBHRS Provider Agency Onboarding and Certification Guide outlines the activities necessary for provider agencies to onboard and be certified to report to IBHRS. This work will include a set of webinars, documents, and reference materials to ensure that provider agencies have the training and resources necessary to populate IBHRS consistently with accurate data. This onboarding plan has been designed to facilitate a rapid and efficient implementation of IBHRS.

Transition Plan  (Revised May 20, 2021)

The Transition Plan will help facilitate the transition between I-SMART / CDR and IBHRS.  

End User Documentation 

IBHRS End User Guide 

The End User Guide contains step-by-step instructions that inform users of the specific actions and workflows within each IBHRS module to include file submission and data entry workflows. This includes technical system requirements for the end user. The End User Guide may also be split into separate stand-alone documents, focused on each subject area of the system.

IBHRS TOTP Set Up Process 

IBHRS Provider User Agreement 

IBHRS Patient Data Flow 

The IBHRS Patient Data Flow document outlines at a high level the data flow within IBHRS via diagrams and examples to assist providers in understanding the nuances of data collection. It also shows where data reporting has been streamlined and the new data elements being introduced within IBHRS.