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IDPH AmeriCorps Substance Abuse Prevention Program Member Information

The IDPH AmeriCorps program has a variety of terms (full and half time) of service available. AmeriCorps members will receive a living stipend. Additionally, full-time members may be eligible to receive health care coverage and childcare assistance through AmeriCorps. After successfully completing an AmeriCorps term of service, members are eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award. The Education Award may be used to repay qualified student loans or to pay education costs at qualified institutions of higher education and training programs.

IDPH AmeriCorps program members will be placed at mentoring programs and substance abuse prevention programs whose goals are to create a sustainability plan, create and distribute community resources, participate in training, as well as to work to recruit new mentors and volunteers for the program. Additionally, members will be supported as they take leadership roles in the development of training focused on opioid, prescription drug misuse, and substance abuse prevention education that will be provided to others.



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