Coalition Preparedness

The Bureau of Emergency and Trauma Services Preparedness Program works with health care preparedness coalitions across the state to ensure local public health departments and hospitals are ready to respond to public health emergencies. Below are some resources available to coalitions to use in emergency planning.

Grant Materials


Preparedness Capabilities

Information specific to the emergency preparedness capabilities will be posted in this section.  Not all capabilities are represented here.

Capability 5 - Fatality Management

NIMS Training

The Bureau identifies several courses as minimum standards for individuals assigned to incident command roles at participating local public health departments and hospitals.  Check with your emergency preparedness program contact for specifics.

In addition, these specific roles require face-to-face courses.

  • Public Information Officer: G-290 Basic Public Information Officer Course
  • Liaison Officer: IS-300 Incident Command for Expanding Incidents

These training requirements are taken from the capabilities documents listed above.