Healthcare Coalitions Systems Development 

The goal of the Healthcare Coalitions is to develop and sustain an integrated public health and healthcare system including EMS to support ESF-8 Public Health and Medical Services response within a service area to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents that impact the health of the public including those with special needs.

To reach that goal the Bureau of Emergency and Trauma Services has created supporting documents to help explain systems development. BETS also created and manages a subcommittee under the Preparedness Advisory Council (PAC) called the Healthcare Coalition Workgroup which brings together representatives from the coalitions and from the state to communicate about challenges and success of systems development.  

System Development Documents

Healthcare Coalition Workgroup (PAC subcommittee)

Workgroup Service Area Membership List PDF

Meeting Information

Grant Information

For more information on the grant please see the Coalition Preparedness Page.

Healthcare Coalition (Time Critical Conditions) Historical Information
May-June 2016 Partnership Development Meeting Presentations PDF
Preparedness Track Trauma Track EMS Track
Preparedness Program Update Preparing for a Trauma Re-Verification Site Visit Continuous Quality Improvement
Highly Infectious Disease Plan The Power of Data Handout:
CQI Assessment Tool
Mass Care Collaboration to Improve Performance
Afternoon Session - The Future of System Planning