Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Resources

Welcome to PECC! Look here for resources to help EMS agencies and emergency departments make Iowa ready for kids.

What is a PECC, and how much time will it take?

At its most basic, a PECC is a contact for an EMS service, hospital emergency department, fire department, law enforcement agency or school that is willing to receive periodic emailed information on caring for children. While many PECCs will be employees of the health care/public safety facility represented, that is not required. PECCs can be paramedics, EMTs, nurses, physicians, retired providers, hospital employees, police officers--anyone with a passion for care of children is welcome to serve. 

Some health care providers rarely see children as patients, but each one must be ready for the day they do. IDPH can help, with things like: training aids; skills sheets and exercises; continuing education; guidelines on pediatric-specific treatment, drugs and equipment; disaster planning; specials-needs care and more. The PECC shares on relevant information with their contacts as they choose, and the agency chooses which resources to use and how. IDPH will work to make it easier for health care providers to do what they are already working to do--stay ready to care for kids. 


If a PECC wants to do more, the opportunities are definitely there to be a pediatric champion--the PECC network provides multiple opportunities to take or give training, share equipment or partner in purchasing supplies. A PECC can can even serve as the contact for several agencies.


Be a PECC for one entity--or several 

To become a PECC, contact Vicki Petersen, 515-229-6213, or use the Contact Us system to send a question online.  PECCs will regularly receive emails containing pediatric resources, and will have first access to free virtual continuing education for EMS providers, physicians, nurses, social workers and more. PECCs are also welcome to use any of the resources below for training. Check back often for new information. 


A PECC can also serve as the liaison for more than one entity. This maximizes the role's impact, without necessarily expanding the job. The PECC regularly receives relevant information and forwards it on to contacts at each agency the PECC has agreed to serve. This can be a great help to smaller and volunteer services, as well as local-access hospitals.


Want to do more as a multi-service or hospital PECC? Consider inviting other services to trainings, designing multi-service skills or preparedness exercises, developing a purchasing co-op for equipment, sharing training equipment or videotaping training to share. Emergency department and EMS staff can train together to maximize effectiveness and continuity of care. 


Note on resources and links

Videos, training resources and fact sheets available on this page and via email to PECCs have multiple authors. They're provided as samples, with the understanding that services will evaluate and use them under the direction of their medical director and according to their own protocols and procedures. Any reference to specific products by presenters in no way implies an endorsement of a particular product or service by IDPH or the EMSC program.   


Virtual Pediatric Training for Prehospital and Hospital Providers, Law Enforcement, School Nurses and Social Workers

The Heartland EMS for Children Coalition YouTube channel contains several recorded continuing education sessions on topics including pediatric mental health emergencies, child poisoning, respiratory emergencies, children with special health care needs, and more (CE credit not provided for recorded sessions):  HECC YouTube Recorded Trainings

 Scheduled symposiums for 2022 include: May 25--Provider Resilience, July 12--Communicating with Kids,Sept. 20--Code Black. All offerings are free, virtual and are anticipated to provide EMS CEHs as well as physician/PA/NP/nurse/social work continuing education credit. Contact EMS for Children coordinator Vicki Petersen at the email or phone number below to register. 

Getting Started


Reference Material


COVID-19 References

  •  IDPH COVID-19 Resources Up-to-date information for EMS, health care and the community from the Iowa Department of Public Health
  • CDC COVID-19 Resources  Data and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  •  211 Iowa Information Page  Hotlines, links and assistance for Iowans dealing with health, financial, addiction management and other challenges 
  • Your Life Iowa  Mental health, suicide prevention and addiction resources and referrals


Equipment For Ground Ambulances

Recommended Equipment for Ground Ambulances  A joint policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Emergency Physicians, Emergency Medical Services for Children, et al

Pediatric Transport Products for Ground Ambulances A compilation of options for safer transport of pediatric patients in the ambulance, from the National Association of State EMS Officials


Skills, Scenarios and Exercises

EMS Training Scenarios  Multiple training scenario examples to use or modify 

Video--Accurate Pediatric Medication Dosing  Strategies to ensure appropriate, weight-based medication administration

Care for Patients With Disabilities Tips for communicating with people of all abilities

Simulated Ventilator Training Introduction and practice on one type of simulated ventilator, with COVID-19 considerations


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